Here in our famous store on Spalenberg, right in the heart of Basel Old town, you can find everything you need for Christmas celebration — handmade Christmas Ornaments, Christmas baubles, Glass Figures, Tree Jewelry, decorations and more. We also offer a large range of Swiss souvenirs in the summer months.

The heart of our company is our Christmas shop on Spalenberg, which has been inviting you to Christmas wonderland for more than 50 years.We are world famous for handmade glass jewelry and up till nowadays committed to creating unique pieces of Christmas art. We are continuously working on new designs and trends for our Christmas decorations, so in our shining world of sparkle and glitter there is definitely something for each taste. 


In our Online-Shop with worldwide shipping you will find a selected and exclusive range of our Christmas goods and souvenirs.


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"... Our shop on Spalenberg sparkles and shines from wall to wall, the magnificent Christmas decorations leave only a narrow aisle in three rooms one behind the other. Boxes with glass cones, cubes, drops, soccer balls, angels, flowers and animals are piled up everywhere. And of course Christmas tree baubles! Sometimes in delicate light blue, sometimes in dark night blue, in shades of green, from light pink to intense pink and of course in black - in total in over 900 colors. Sometimes with polka dots, sometimes with stripes, with fabric trimmings and silver decorations. Balls in the colors of the Union Jack or with Stars & Stripes. On the tables and shelves there are more balls, garlands, bows and little dolls. Wherever the eye wanders, you can see tiny strawberries made of blown glass, starfish, seahorses, shells, fish, ducks, owls, crocodiles, penguins, cell phones, cameras ... In between there are Christmas trees, decorated by Johann Wanner himself or by his team of decorators. We also have some custom-made figures and balls designed individually for some of our demanding customers."

Johann Wanner