Here in our store you can find everything you need for Christmas celebration — Christmas baubles, Glass jewellery, Angel figures, Souvenirs and much more — and this all year round!

We don’t know how many items are in our store. And we don’t count.
But if you don’t find something with us, you probably won’t find it anywhere!

Our shop on Spalenberg sparkles and shines from wall to wall, the magnificent Christmas decorations leave only a narrow aisle in three rooms one behind the other. Boxes with glass cones, cubes, drops, soccer balls, angels, flowers and animals are piled up everywhere. And of course balls! Sometimes in delicate light blue, sometimes in dark night blue, in shades of green, from light pink to intense pink and of course in black – in total in over 900 colors. Sometimes with polka dots, sometimes with stripes, with fabric trimmings and silver decorations. Balls in the colors of the Union Jack or with Stars & Stripes. On the tables and shelves there are more balls, garlands, bows and little dolls. Wherever the eye wanders, you can see tiny strawberries made of blown glass, starfish, seahorses, shells, fish, ducks, owls, crocodiles, penguins, cell phones, cameras … In between there are Christmas trees, decorated by Johann Wanner himself or by his team of decorators. We also have some custom-made figures and balls designed individually for some of our demanding customers.

Here in our online-shop you can have a look at a part of a wide range of our Christmas decorations and order them online. We update our page weekly and make sure that you can find the item you want with us.

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