The best tips from Johann Wanner

The following tips and tricks will show you how to turn your personal tree into a real showpiece in your living room.

The lighting questions

First of all, think about the lighting. If you use electric lighting for Christmas tree, then attach the lights first. If you decide to use real candles, you should only attach them at the very end – of course in such a way that no branches can catch fire.

From inside to outside

I distinguish between two types of trees, each of which wants to be decorated in its own way. On the one hand there is the doll’s tree, which has grown almost as densely as a box tree. With this tree, it is enough to simply attach the ornament to the outside of the tree or even to place it on the tree. On the other hand, there is also the bauble tree, the far more common type. Its branches are less dense. Therefore, the bauble-tree is so transparent that it must be decorated from the inside to the outside.

The first thing to do is to put the top on your tree. Instead of the traditional star, you can also tie two or three spheres together and drape them at the top. Or you can decorate the top of the Christmas tree with a beautiful bow.

After the lace come the baubles. Start on the inside, close to the trunk, and then move outwards. The bigger baubles come down. You can also hang close to the trunk, because this gives the tree depth and lets it shine mysteriously from the inside. The middle baubles are hung in the middle, the smaller ones on top. In this way you additionally emphasize the attractive conical shape of the conifers. If you place a single large bauble at the top, you create additional imbalance.

After the spheres you can add the rest of the decoration. What you decide here is a matter of taste. It is important to decorate the tree not only at the front, but also at the back, because this is the only way to get a spatial effect. Decorate your Christmas tree from top to bottom, from front to back and from inside to outside, because this is how you create a depth effect. The lighter your decorative objects are, the further out on the tree you can place them.

Decorate your tree honestly and try not to cheat. You might be tempted, for example, to do without jewelry in places that you cannot see.

But when you look at it, you feel this gap and who knows: if you look at the tree from a different perspective, you might see the empty space after all. So, hang a star where it is not visible at first glance. In addition, straight spheres that shine through from the back of the Christmas tree look particularly mysterious and give your tree a magical aura.

Do you want your Christmas tree to look as if snow had just fallen gently on it? Then you can carefully spray it in some places. White snow spray is suitable for all trees, but gold and silver spray only for gold or silver trees or very modern decorated trees. Always use only punctual swabs, which should never be larger than a small snowball.

When you have finished your work, let it rest for another half hour. Then, if necessary, make final improvements.

The right combination

Many Christmas trees resemble a colorful hodgepodge of ornaments. Each one has its own story, was bought at some point or was the gift from a loved one. These favorite objects always deserve a place on the tree. But when it comes to the overall effect of your Christmas tree, you should not lose sight of color and style. So never combine a fashion color like light blue with classic colors or traditional jewelry. Especially if you have decorated your tree mainly with older objects, only one fashionable bauble color fits to it: black. Make sure that your tree has a consistent style, for example, either modern styling or classic-traditional. If the individual pieces of jewelry do not match and a classic straw star hangs next to modern sequin jewelry in purple, for example, the impression of a motley collection quickly arises. Just as if someone had quickly hung everything, he could get his hands on the tree …

Many people shy away from large Christmas tree baubles. They should be about as big as an apple, but then it’s over. Why actually? Baubles that are about twelve to fourteen centimeters in diameter also look magnificent – even on smaller trees. However, you should fix these baubles with a sturdier wire, for example floral wire.

When is the tree decorated?

There is a simple answer to this question: when it falls over. When you decorate a tree, you have to handle it as responsibly as when you attract a woman. But unlike women, trees cannot defend themselves. Whoever decorates a tree makes an offering to nature. So, you have to give all honor to the tree and approach the matter honestly. And one should not burden the tree too much, so that it does not become too much for it.

A good rule of thumb, how much decoration you can expect from a tree, is the following: Use a string to lay a triangle on the ground that is about the same size as the tree. Then place the ornament inside and multiply the number of ornaments by three, because the tree is three-dimensional, unlike the exercise area on the ground. Then you have the right amount of jewelry for your tree.

The power of colors

On your Christmas tree, a color has already been defined: Green. If you choose a blue, red or silver fir, you should match the decorative objects to the color of the tree. Green baubles in the green tree can also look very noble. Try it out!

Classification of the colors

– Surely you know the difference between warm and cold colors. Always combine color temperatures that are close to each other, for example in the warm range red and pink or the cold colors blue and green. A mixture of the neutral colors black, white and gray also looks very noble.

– Another way to divide our color palette is to distinguish between the seasons. Spring colors are pastel shades like light blue, light green or pink.

– Summer includes red, golden yellow and blackberry. Autumn colors are a rich yellow, ocher, brown and copper; winter colors are all shades of blue, white and silver. Stick with combinations in one season.

– Finally, colors can be divided into male and female colors. Male colors include brown, black and gold, while female colors are pink, light blue and raspberry red. At least on the Christmas tree, the sexes should remain strictly separated – of course, different rules apply on the feast of love.

Tips for choosing colors

– Do you want to make your tree very colorful? Then the warm color red should still set the (color) tone. At least a fifth of the ornament should be red.

– Do not combine more than three colors (except for a colorful tree). Usually the combination of only two colors works best. One color tone should always dominate.

– Even a single-color tone looks beautiful, for example if the individual objects have very different sizes and shapes. Also wonderful is the combination of matt and shiny glass baubles in only one color.

– Don’t forget the colors of walls, wallpaper or carpets and match the colors of your Christmas tree to them.

– You are always guaranteed to get it right if you concentrate on warm colors such as red, orange, beige or brown when choosing your colors.

– Almost every year I create new fashionable color symphonies for Christmas trees. They pick up current trends, events and moods. You can combine almost all of these “fashion colors” with traditional jewelry and with black baubles. Only the combination of traditional and very avant-garde colors can become problematic.




My personal hit list

Over the years I have compiled my very personal hit list of color sounds:

  1. red mixed with pink, because this creates a fiery impression
  2. red and green mixed (two thirds red, one third green)
  3. silver
  4. mixed shades of blue
  5. mixed pink tones
  6. mixed shades of green
  7. black in combination with different colors. I can’t say it often enough: Don’t be afraid of black on the Christmas tree. A black bauble on the tree does not look sad, but mystical and mysterious. However, to achieve this effect, it always needs other colors in its environment.